Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kristen stewart #02

kristen stewart
Kristen Stewart has become a name known world wide from her role in movies such as Adventure land and Twilight. Girls every where are watching her every move. Will they be going to their hair stylist asking for the Kristen Stewart mullet? Let's hope not because not many people can pull off the mullet. Kristen Stewart is wearing her hair in a mullet for her new movie where she plays Joan Jett.
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The movie is called the Runaways and it stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. The two also starred together in New Moon which is the sequel to Twilight. With the popularity of the Twilight saga everyone is watching the cast very closely. It is no surprise that Kristen's new hair do is on the cover of tabloid magazines every where.
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Between the rumors of Kristen dating Robert Pattinson and the constant photographs being taken of her new mullet, she must not be getting any rest. So the question still stands, will girls around the world start cutting their hair into a mullet? I don't believe we have to worry about that just yet. Kristen feels that Joan Jett has an incredible and triumphant story.
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Kristen spent time talking with Joan Jett about her time singing with the Runaways. Kristen wanted to play the role of Joan because she feels that it is a triumphant and feminist story. I guess the hair cut was just a plus. Actually back in the days of Joan Jett and the Runaways the mullet was very popular among teenagers.
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Did you ever have a mullet or know someone who did? Well if you didn't you do now. Kristen Stewart is sporting hers with pride and it looks pretty darn good on her too. Then again there is not much that would look bad on her.
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